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  • NO waiting periods
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  • EVERYONE qualifies

Save on Prescriptions at over 56,000 Pharmacies

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Using Your Discount Prescription Card

Using your Free Discount Prescription Card is Easy!

If you do not yet have a card, print your card.
         You may cut it out or simply take the entire page with you.
Take your card to your preferred pharmacy.
         Your prescription discount card is valid at over 56,000 network pharmacy locations nationwide.  In most cases, your current pharmacy will be part of our network.  If they are not, you may ask them to join our network or select              another pharmacy using our convenient pharmacy locator tool.
Present your card when you order your new prescription or request a transfer of an existing prescription.
         The card includes all of the information that your pharmacist needs to give you your discount.  If the pharmacist has any problems in connection with the card, ask them to call the phone number on the card so that you may receive your discount.
Save on your prescription!  It is that easy.

What if I lose my card?
         If you go back to a pharmacy where you have already used your discount prescription card, your card information will be maintained in their system and you will continue to receive savings.  If you are going to a new pharmacy, simply print a new card to present with your prescription at your pharmacy.

 NOT insurance and is NOT  intended to replace insurance.

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